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Convocation Football Club, Liverpool, University of Liverpool, first team, second team, wyndcote, heidleburg, Isle of Man,Fox, Robinson, Lamb P, ‘Orrocks, Shanahan, Topping, Roland, Littler, Lineton, Edwards 30, Holder, Lamb C, Lamb W,Purcell; Wheller, Willis, Stevens, Dickson; Schofield R, Basnett, Horrocks, Flamson; Parry Jnr, Schofield K, Holt, Hurst, Jago, JelenConvocation Football Club - Convocation Football Club plays in the Old Boys League Division Three and the North West Friendly Circle - convocation,football, old boys, liverpool, liverpool university, Heidelburg, first team,second team, wyndcote, convocation football club